Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Cold Outside....Enjoy a Bowl of Noodle Soup at Bo Ky in Chinatown!

As I'm typing this, it's only late October and temperature has unseasonably dipped into the 30s with a forecast of snow the coming weekend.  I could sure use a nice bowl of hot noodle soup, and one of my favorite places for that in Chinatown is Bo Ky.  While my favorite dish there is the beef curry noodle soup, the other one I often order is the duck with shiitake mushrooms noodle soup.

You can pick broad soft white noodles or chewier, thin egg noodles.  I chose the egg noodles and the bowl of noodle soup comes with generous slices for duck and whole mushrooms in a delicious broth...all for around $5!

There's two locations for Bo Ky, though I would stick with the original location on Bayard St.

Bo Ky 
80 Bayard St
(near Mott and Mulberry)

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