Monday, October 3, 2011

Cheap Eats in Flushing...White Bear, New World Mall, and More!

It's been pushed back a number of times, but I finally get my chance to walk around and enjoy some delicious cheap eats from walking around in Flushing!  It was a brisk but sunny Sunday afternoon, which made for perfect weather to walk and explore the many good eats Flushing has to offer!

The first thing I wanted to try was White Bear, and their famous spicy wontons (order the #6).  The place is tiny and mostly for takeout, but man do they do their wontons well!  For 10 pieces and $4.50, you get some delish steamed wontons with a little chili oil and pickled greens for some tartness, and scallions for garnish.  The steamed wonton wrappers were so light and silky, and with the chili oil it just tasted sooo good!  I'm definitely stopping by again the next time I'm in Flushing.

The second stop was Xinjiang BBQ Cart.  For $1 you get your choice of chicken, beef, or lamb skewers.  We got three of the lamb here in the picture...make sure you ask for spicy!  It's already flavorful but to make it hot they sprinkle a little Togarashi to bring out the flavors even more.  Delicious and makes a great snack!  

Here's what the stand looks like.  There's two nearby locations but this one is by Main St by Chase Bank.  The other one is by 41st and Kissena Blvd.

Just a few blocks away we also saw a sign for $1 Peking Duck!  The Peking Duck Sandwich Stand on Main and 40th Rd. sells Peking Duck in a traditional steamed bun topped with scallions and hoisin sauce.  The bun isn't the best and the duck is more of a traditional roast duck than the super labor intensive and crispy Peking Duck, it's still solid and makes for a great snack.  Pictured here are three....

Here's what the stand looks like...

We also went to the new super fancy Asian stalls only food court at New World Mall.  It's literally a huge mall-sized food court, but the stalls (32 of them!) sell only good Asian eats, ranging from noodle places, sushi, korean food, thai food, vietnamese, and more!  Soooo many delicious looking choices that I feel that I have to come back again.  

First stop was Lan Zhou Hand Pulled Noodles to try their stir fried noodles with lamb.  
It looks plain but the noodles had a nice texture and had a nice bite to it.  

Their dumplings are also famous.  It's very simple but the skin is very light; this is served with 
chili oil as pickled greens as well.

Yes, they make all their noodles by's cool to see them in action!

We also went to a Szechuan stand to get a cold but spicy beef tongue and tripe appetizer.  I've had this dish before but their version was done pretty well.  The chili oil here makes it addictive!

After all that spicy fooding we decided to grab some dessert.  There was a stall called "Snopo" which basically sells like a snow based dessert drizzled with condensed milk to make it slightly sweet, and flavored with other goodies.  The serving is huge and it looks like a monstrosity, but it's pretty unique dessert and great for a group to just grab a spoon and dig in!

We got the "Matcha" special, which is topped with caramel popcorn and Fruity Pebbles (!).  It's also served with some red bean, mangoes, and some jelly.  Yes that pile of snow is under a regular sized styrofoam plate! 

Here's what the stand looks like...

Lastly I got some milk tea from Kung Fu Tea, which seems to have sprung up all over the place in Flushing.  Their teas are great, slightly sweet, and so flavorful.  They also have a stand at the mall.

So that was lunch...we walked around for a bit more and then would settle for an early dinner as well! stuffed from a day of fooding!

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