Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taste of Williamsburg...Great Food Festival at a Great Neighborhood! (Part 1)

This blog entry is sooo big I have to split it up into two parts! Soooo here goes....

Bought a Buy With Me coupon for the annual Taste of Williamsburg event, filled with almost 60 participating local restaurants/vendors.  The coupon was a great deal; it was $35 for 2 people with 6 food samples each, and 4 drink samples each....12 foods and 8 drinks!  And by 8 drinks I mean you can get alcohol!

We were also able to grab free shots of Jameson and shots of sour pickle juice at their stand, and a few of the vendors snuck us some free samples of their food without punching out our ticket cards!  So yeah, this was the best food event I've been to for the value.

Hands down the best thing we've had there was Cafe Colette's Savory Pork Belly with Lady Apple Tarte Tatin...sooo good!  The sweetness of the apple tarte tatin went well with the salty pork belly.  The greens were a great accompaniment and provided crispness...and everything eating together made for a perfect bite! This was so good we spent two of our twelve tastes on this!

Two Door Tavern gave us TWO of their signature roast beef sliders on kummelweck roll.  They said we could have them for free and didn't punch our tickets!  The great thing is that the sliders also tasted great.  This specialty sandwich is called "Beef on Weck" and is actually (I believe) an upstate NY specialty.  Here it is served the traditional way with au jus and horseradish.  The roast beef was moist and the roll was delicious!  Must stop by the restaurant!

Aurora's Porchetta on Sardinian flatbread.  Aurora's porchetta was very good and tender, and was better than the actual East Village Porchetta restaurant...though still not quite as good as DiPaolo's in Little Italy...the best I've had!

Here's the whole Porchetta...which is roasted pork loin, with a layer of herbs and spices, wrapped in a pork belly...yum!

Maison Premiere, one of the best reviewed oyster houses in the NYC area with a great $1 oyster happy hour, had their own stand hawking the Naked Cowboy Oysters (coincidence or not sure if they get the name from the Time Sq tourist attraction lol)  Oysters are one of my favorite foods ever but I used up one oyster for one was good wasn't worth it.  Still would love to stop by their restaurant though!

What WAS worth it at Maison Premiere's stand was their Absinthe Milkshake!  Yes, you couldn't think up of a weirder drink/liquor combo but it works!  Here's their drinks stand using Pernod Absinthe.

Another great drink that I had was the "Rosemary's Baby" from Hotel Delmano.  Rosemary infused rye whiskey with lime and spiced pineapple juice and maple syrup...garnished with a fresh rosemary sprig!  Fancy and delicious!

One of the first things we had is Juliette's white gazpacho with pimenton de la vera and fluke's basically a shooter sized serving, so although my brother had it and I wasn't able to try it...he assured me that "It was really good...."

From Mesa Coyoacan...two varieties of sopecitos, one with berkshire pulled pork, and the other with mushrooms.  Both bites were very good.

While we got our complimentary shots of Jameson we were also encouraged to try the Brooklyn Brine Co. Whiskey Sour Pickle Juice as a chaser!  Works well since it's salty and sour.  It kinda acts the same way as as salt and lime does with a tequila!

It wouldn't be a Brooklyn event without live indie music!  So they did have bands scheduled to play all afternoon! 

It also wouldn't be a Brooklyn event with some spirited's it's in the form of this offbeat marching band.  Still a pretty cool addition to the waterfront event.

Stay turned for more eats and drinks in my second entry!

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