Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bareburger in NYC...Great Organic Grass Fed Burgers!

For a NYC burger chain, Bareburger (various locations), stands out from many by not only using quality organic ingredients, they also have a huge variety of ways you can customize your burger.  We ate at the Greenwich Village location on LaGuardia Place near NYU.  The restaurant was spacious and the decor was pretty good for a burger joint.

Bareburger has a number of pretty interesting burger flavors, but you can also not only customize any burger with the usual beef, turkey, or chicken, they also have unique proteins such as lamb, elk, bison, and even ostrich.  For vegetarians you even get two options, a veggie patty or a portabello mushroom.  Choices of breads include brioche, multi grain, lettuce wrap, wheat tortillas, or gluten free rice buns.

It sounds like a healthier, more conscious burger option, but how does it taste???!  

Pretty good!  I ordered the Bareburger Supreme, which comes with applewood smoked bacon. 
 I got it with elk meat on brioche.  The elk was leaner than beef but the brioche was a bit dense and bready for me.

The burgers come with a choice of one side.  A word of caution that if you order fries, it comes with a literal MOUNTAIN of fries.  The supreme also comes with some onion rings.  The fries themselves were great!  Real crisp and not greasy at all, but if you can't tell from the picture, it's best to eat only some of it or split it with another person...unless you want to go into a french-fry induced food coma.

The other order was for a Bacon Blue Cheese Burger.  The protein chosen was ostrich and served on multi grain bread.  The side chosen was salad.  Also delicious but definitely a healthier and more sensible choice than mine!

All in all, Bareburger won't be the best burger you've had, but for a chain it's very solid and has healthy options.  They have multiple locations in the city, including in Astoria and Brooklyn.

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