Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hamilton and Ward in Paterson NJ. Great steakhouse with half off Groupon: $25 for $50 worth of food!

Yup...act now for the weekend of 3/18 to 3/20/11 and you can get a 50% off Groupon for Hamilton and Ward Steakhouse.   This review is a bit late as I went last year on New Year's Eve but had an even better deal:  I bought a $40 Groupon for $80 worth of food.  

Hamilton and Ward takes the best of old school NY Steakhouses, with dry aged meats, hearty sides that have to be ordered separately, and the prices to match.  We ordered the Dry Aged Porterhouse for two.  The regular price of the steak is $85, which is pricey and comparable to NYC steakhouses, but with the Groupon we had we essentially paid $40 for it....But you might ask "hmmm it's a steakhouse in Paterson does the quality hold up?"  The answer is:  Great!

The steak is huge and is really meant for two:  It is really tender and the meat, especially the filet portion of the porterhouse, just melts in your mouth.  We ordered a side of broccoli rabe sauteed and tossed with Parmesan cheese and that was excellent as well.

Check out the full menu HERE, and take advantage of the deal and get the Groupon while it lasts (expires 9/21/11).  

Hamilton and Ward Steakhouse
101 Ward Street
Paterson,  NJ 07505
(973) 345-8444


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