Monday, January 17, 2011

Xian Famous Foods...Amazing Regional Chinese food in NYC!

Pass by this tiny nondescript restaurant in the East Village and you would never think to go in.  If it weren't for fellow Yelpers who wrote about this little gem of a restaurant, I too would have walked on by and kept on going.  Xian Famous Foods is truly unique and serves Chinese cuisine from a western province in China, where you can really see the middle eastern influences in the food with the prominent use of lamb and cumin in their dishes.

Savory cumin lamb in hand pulled noodle soup with a rich, tangy broth!  And at $6.50, the price is right!

This is the Liang Pi Cold Skin noodles, tossed in a spicy sauce.  You can get it really spicy and the contrast of hot flavors with the cold noodles is really nice.  Don't be dissuaded to skip this because it's a vegetarian dish.  So lip smackin' good I ordered this twice both times I've been there!

Scallion, celery, and cilantro salad.  Simple but cool and refreshing, and was a nice contrast to the more assertive flavors in the noodle dishes.

Savory cumin  lamb burger.  It's only $3 and makes for a great grab and go I am uh, eating it in my car.

Clip of the restaurant on Eat Out NY.  

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